The attic and the cellar are found at opposite ends of a house and yet, each contains some of the greatest treasures of the building. In the attic lies photographs, memories and stories of years past. In the cellar lies mostly wine. But, in addition to whatever liquid libations lie beneath, you can also find secrets.

This website provides an opportunity for cultural exploration through film. Occasionally humor is also employed, but really only when necessary. I try and write about contemporary films and talk about their significance to culture.

Pretty much all of my creative work is housed in this hoarder’s home of a portfolio. So, my photos accompanied by short stories have a section, my writing has a section and my video work has a section. Primarily the focus is on current films, but feel free to peruse the sight as you wish.

My name is Branson and I’m the best Branson, which should be easy to remember as there aren’t too many in the world. I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2015 with a degree in Film.

I am now based in the San Francisco Bay area.

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