The attic and cellar are the bookends of a home. They’re rooms that contain secrets, thoughts, memories, and sometimes improprieties. They’re also not the first rooms one would typically access when entering a home. You store things in them. You age things in them. You occasionally take your friends in them when you want to show them a vintage bottle of your nicest scotch or some black and white pictures of your family from generations ago.

This is a blog focused on cinema. Not particularly discriminatory in that regard. But that means the idea and goal is critically explore the insides of different films on a deeper level. Really get into their respective attics and cellars. It also means that sometimes one film’s cellar may connect to another film’s attic. This is where we really get to see the spirit of cinema at work and where we can really construct a grander picture of this bizarre amalgamation of mediums that have become such a staple in the modern world.

I’m pretty non-discriminatory when it comes to viewing actual cinema. Like any great enthusiast, I believe that to truly appreciate something, you should enjoy a range of that “thing”. Anthony Bourdain had KFC as his guilty pleasure. I have any number of cinematic equivalents. But the broader point I make is that there’s not a distinct focus of the blog and I hope it can appeal to causal fans of popcorn blockbusters and focused academics alike. I’m no film expert. I’m just a writer with great passion for the craft.

I started this blog in 2015 as an effort to maintain a critical interest in film. I graduated with honors in Film Studies from the University of Colorado Boulder. Save for a brief hiatus in 2019, I hope to update the blog with a post at least once a month.

I currently live in San Francisco, California.

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