The Disappearance of The Cinematic Middle Class

Making films is an expensive undertaking. Between all the paychecks, all the rented space, and all the equipment, there’s not many people who can go about creating something like that on their own. The cost of making even a smaller film is akin to buying a luxurious piece of property. It ain’t a poor mans game….

November is the Black Friday of Movie Months

November is well under way and as the leaves begin to fall and the brisk air chills through your early mornings, the days get shorter and the light fades. People are now free to spend more time inside without having to make some excuse for being sick or tired or having a pretend hobby people care about….

Why Rogue Comic Book Adaptions Are the Key to The Genre’s Survival

I’ve written at length about the over-saturation of the superhero genre, so I needn’t dedicate an entire post to such subjects. I would just like to say that, just as Rome before it, the Marvel empire will fall and pave the way for potentially better things. For now, we live in a cinematic world that…

Just As Predicted: People Are Kinda Sick of Sequelcluture

I noted a little while ago how this summer is expected to be underwhelming at the box office. Some analysts have even gone so far as to predict that it will be a catastrophe. Well in the last few weeks, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Despicable Me 3 have done pretty well at the box office. Seeing those results…

September Said Something Sad About The Modern Cinematic Environment

Oh Fall. You have come into your own and pleasantly gifted us with a cool breeze, warm drinks and a horde of seasonal Instagram pictures. Kids are returning to school and also returning is the scent of the new semesters textbooks and during their downtime, these kids are probably going to want to glue their eyeballs to…