How To Quick Start Your Instant Pots.

Producer/Editor/Videographer/On-Screen Talent

We decided to do a series of informative videos around Instant Pots, but we felt like we had so much to say that captions weren’t simply going to cut it. So I volunteered to be the informative “host” who would talk to the audience and give them instructions on how to operate their Instant Pot. This is one of a series of six we produced over the course of two weeks, utilizing B-Roll from past shoots to fill in the explanatory elements. Despite having virtually no audio equipment at the time, we were able to contain the sound in the room and balance it out with a subtle background audio track. After getting my hands on and experimenting with a few different Instant Pot models to get a base familiarity, the writing staff worked with me to come up with talking points so that the delivery flowed smoothly and didn’t seem to stuffy or too much like an infomercial. Over the course of the two weeks we were able to produce five or six videos using the same set with different B-Roll and different talking points.

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