LOL Surprise! Big Surprise Unboxing.


How do you make an unboxing video short, yet tell the story of the product and remain visually captivating? That was our goal with this product. The LOL Suprise! Dolls were one of the hottest items that Christmas season and we wanted to make a video that captured the appeal of the product, while being informative. After getting the ins and outs of the product from the writing team, I was set off on my task. Since I knew this was going to be pushed out on social¬†media platforms, I knew that dialogue, especially with a product as playful as this, wasn’t necessary. It’s a toy – a fun, bright, colorful toy after all! And I approached this project with a bit of playfulness myself. Utilizing a static overhead shot, stop motion animation, and sprinkling in bits of GoPro first person footage, I wanted to give the viewer the sensation like they were playing with and enjoying the product. And after carefully timing the edits to a poppy beat, we distributed it to a few platforms.

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