Story: ‘Lostland’

The Empire of Snow is facing its first serious threat. From out in the desolate,  frosty tundra, the emergence of strange high-tech beacons has stirred the brightest  minds of the Imperial Defense Services into action. Led by the charming, but reckless  Ruro, a small crew discovers the mystery of an emerging internal threat begins to shake  the foundations of this many millennia-old society.  

Deep inside the heart of the sacred central mountain, Mazda, lies most of the  bustling capital city of Frix, where society’s most glamorous and most vulnerable live  side-by-side. In the slums, a young girl named Ericho, crosses paths with a mysterious  stranger who sends her off on an adventure to deliver a special parcel thousands of  miles from home at a place known as “The Sanctuary”. On her journey, she comes face  to face with some of the most treacherous creatures in the Empire, both monsters and men. Early on, she comes in contact with a small community, hidden away inside the  mountain. They explain to her that they are apart of an ancient group that is sworn to  protect the life energy of Mazda, but before much more can be said, they’re mobbed by  a group known as the Reclaimers. They also wish to protect Mazda, but their approach  to its security involves eradicating all of the vermin who have planted their roots inside,  effectively announcing their intentions to destroy all who live inside. The group begs  Ericho to quickly get to The Sanctuary” so she can warn them of the impending attack  on the mountain. 


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