Story: ‘Clark Kent’s Summer in San Francisco’

Sometimes running away from your past can put you uncomfortably face to face with your future. That’s what’s happening to the young collegiate Peter DeBorr as he sets off for a summer in San Francisco to stay with his distant, sometimes enigmatic, Uncle Thomas. Everything that happened in Kansas between him and his former flame Daphne has forced him to try and escape himself, his identity, and his former life. The excitement of a new city and a fresh start seems like just the start to a new world of opportunity. It starts off as a simple pleasant retreat for any young, small-town person: a job in a cafe, a new circle of friends, a relationship with an Uncle he’d known so little about. But the day when the brilliant and mysterious Elish Donahue steps into the Cafe, is the day when the inner demons that haunted Peter home begin to return again. 

Before long, he slowly gets sucked into the fast paced life of the high-society San Francisco cosmopolitan elite. The allure of the ultra-wealthy, new-age tech money which seems to have permeated every corner of the city, yanks Peter from his quiet summer and drags him into wasted nights at hot jazz bars, brunch with capital investors, lavish jaunts to Napa, gallery openings, Opera balconies, and more. As he tries to balance the exuberance of his new life and his growing infatuation with Elish, he begins to speed ahead headfirst into the darkest parts of his past where he’ll either escape his troubles once and for all or let them consume him entirely.


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