French press VS Aeropress.


We set out to do something simple: a product comparison video. And there’s a million ways you can look at two different coffee brewing methods like the French Press and Aeropress, but I felt like we needed to try something different and give the video a human touch. We have so many wonderful people that work at Best Reviews, that I needed to put them to a taste test as has been seen so many times in the YouTube world. And so, with a simple two-camera setup and a good quality mic, we prepared tons of brews and invited the team in to taste test the difference between the two. It was simple, fun, and informative – and I liked that we were able to include an interview-style camera setup into our rotation. The project turnaround was quick (only about 4 days from conception to delivery) and it expedited things by combining a few processes. Because we did the testing in the moment, we were able to give the results immediately and inform the audience while truly introducing them to who we are.

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