How to clean your cast iron pan.

Editor - Writer - Producer - Videographer

We discussed expanding our video repertoire and one of those subcategories that we were pursuing was a category called “How To” videos. So naturally, we wanted to do a lot (a lot a lot) with food! Cast Irons can be tricky and there’s a lot of conflicting information out there, so I started this project with research and help from out writing staff. We wanted to make a video that was usable on social media, had no one speaking, but was informative and eye catching – with a quick delivery following production. Knowing we had about a one minute time limit, I decided to go primarily for a static overhead shot, so the editing could really set the pace of the video. From there, I worked with our design team to add some captions and threw in B-Roll where necessary to make a quick, bright, and informative piece that could be used on multiple platforms.

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